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Thanks for stopping by. Are you awake enough to find out why this shop exists? Or are you a parent of a baby or toddler like me and constantly tired? Because that is exactly how this store came into being! 

The idea for my online shop came to me in a sleepless night. One of the many many ones I had since I had my sons, who have phases of being exceptionally bad sleepers. I was at this time at home with my youngest, Freddie, and researched kids interior and fashion trends in detail and met some other fabulous moms who did the same. What I heard from them and experienced myself was that it takes a lot of time to find the right shops to buy from. One carries this brand, one another, but not many are centred around a theme, where you can get everything you need for a specific aim. Since I have a passion for sleeping and am addicted to gorgeous bedding and sleepwear, I decided to fill this gap for sleeping and open a one-stop-shop for this theme. Now you can find amazing brands and products here that all have one thing in common: They want to sweeten the dreams of your little ones.

Thanks for joining me on this ride and for not having fallen asleep yet!

If there is a product that you are missing or have a question about our existing products, please do drop me a line at (in English, German or Dutch - all fine by me).